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For decades, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has defined and distorted the daily lives of millions of people. We have seen progress, we have seen setbacks, but now all we see is stagnation. For Palestinians and Israelis, the status quo is untenable.

Since 2002, the OneVoice Movement has been supporting the work of brave Israelis and Palestinians striving for a better future. Ultimately, they must be the ones to agree on the terms for a negotiated resolution, but this is a conflict with global implications and international factors. Therefore, those of us living outside of the region also have a part to play.

Internationally, OneVoice works to raise resources and visibility for the critical work of our regional partners. We also run our own highly effective programming aimed at reducing hate, polarization and racism, and providing college students with the education and tools to contribute meaningfully to a just and lasting peace for Israel and Palestine within their own communities.

Today, the OneVoice Movement is truly global, active in the United States and Europe, and supporting the work of our partners in Israel and Palestine. Learn more about what we do below:

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