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Beginning in 2002, the OneVoice Movement set out to build a human infrastructure in Palestine and Israel capable of overcoming the impediments to a peaceful and negotiated resolution to the ongoing conflict. What emerged over the years was a movement without parallel in either society, and one that inspired an ever-growing and increasingly-involved international support base.

After more than a decade’s work in the region—training youth leaders, carrying out campaigns, and developing networks—in 2016 we realized our long-term strategic goal of supporting two authentic, locally-led organizations: one in Palestine, and one in Israel. In Israel, Darkenu emerged as the largest movement of moderate voters in the country’s history, with an impact on domestic debate reflected by its many headlines. In Palestine, Zimam works to spread tolerance and push back on extremism is a truly unprecedented capacity. Each works autonomously and independently at the grassroots level in order to address the specific needs unique to each society, empowering moderation, discouraging violence, and increasing popular support for an end to conflict.  Internationally, OneVoice works to raise resources and visibility for the critical work of our regional partners, as well running our own highly effective programming reducing hate, polarization and racism, and providing high school and college students with the education and tools to contribute meaningfully within their own communities.

Today, the OneVoice Movement is truly global, active in the United States and Europe, and supporting the work of our partners in Israel and Palestine. Learn more about the work we support below:  

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