OneVoice Mission & Vision

The OneVoice Movement is a global initiative that supports grassroots activists in Israel, Palestine, and internationally who are working to build the human infrastructure needed to create the necessary conditions for a just and negotiated resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We are driven by a vision of an independent and viable Palestine and a secure Israel free from conflict, where Palestinians and Israelis are able to realize their national and individual aspirations, building a future based upon principles of security, justice, dignity and peace. 

Our Values

We believe that a negotiated and permanent solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and an end to occupation is not only a moral imperative, but an existential priority for both societies. We are pragmatic and nonviolent in our approach, pluralistic in our representation, and see localization, volunteer leadership, and diversity as a source of strength. Our partners and allies are organizations and individuals who share these values.

Our Goals

We champion the work of our independent regional partners to move both societies closer to conflict resolution. Both we and our partners are committed to reversing trends of polarization and extremism, building a social context upon which a solution can be agreed upon and implemented. Simultaneously, we work to ensure that the international community is serious in its commitment, prioritizing its obligation to find an urgent end to the conflict. We run highly visible, sustained programming to educate and engage communities, reducing and eliminating Islamophobia, anti-Semitism and all forms of racism from the Israeli-Palestinian discourse.

Our Theory of Change

Previous diplomatic failures have demonstrated that there must be a simultaneous demand for change within Palestine, Israel and the international community in order for a genuine breakthrough to occur. We believe that communities have the power to transform the realities of this conflict, and that by mobilizing into visible, strategic, and solutions-oriented movements, political leaders will be compelled to take brave steps towards breaking free of the status quo, and supported, reassured, and strengthened by energized grassroots movements when they do so.

Therefore, we support our regional partners and facilitate programs and advocacy efforts internationally to galvanize and shape a broad coalition—spanning different faiths and crossing ideological and political lines—that can reduce polarization and hate. We invest in these communities, we champion these movements, and we amplify their impact, thereby demonstrating OneVoice for resolving the conflict through nonviolent means.

Our Strategy

This conflict has many layers and dimensions, with impacts and influences that extend far beyond the borders in dispute. By creating a coalition across Israel, Palestine, and internationally—with common values and a shared conviction in the need for a just and permanent resolution—we are uniquely positioned to amplify the grassroots work being done globally to end the conflict. With significant capabilities and resources, our strategy is to build a robust human infrastructure through best-in-class organizing skills, cutting-edge social media tools, and a well-trained and well-organized network of volunteer activists working in parallel in their communities to create a fresh political dynamic that will reverse the trend of disillusionment. Our strategy is to:

Educate and inform the public: Build awareness of the importance of a win-win outcome that results in an end to occupation and conflict, transforming the lives of Israelis and Palestinians for generations to come.

Recruit, engage and develop new leaders: Build a grassroots organization that provides training, leadership development and volunteer opportunities that will inspire and empower a new generation of activists, opinion makers, and political leaders around the world.

Drive the narrative: Amplify the voices of mainstream moderate Palestinians, Israelis, and international citizens that support a peaceful end to the conflict—directly challenging those who thrive on division and perpetuate the status quo. This is critical in holding leaders accountable and ensuring they are taking productive steps to support a just solution.

Why is OneVoice unique?

OneVoice is unique because we take a comprehensive approach to resolving the conflict. In Israel and Palestine, we support partners on the ground who empower grassroots activists and the next generation of change-makers. We also recognize that this conflict has regional and international dimensions, and that events on the ground have severe global consequences. That is why we facilitate programs and advocacy efforts internationally to galvanize and shape a broad coalition—spanning different faiths and crossing ideological and political lines—that can reduce polarization and hate, and demonstrate one strong and coherent voice for resolving the conflict through nonviolent means.

What kind of solution to the conflict does OneVoice support?

We are supportive of any solution that addresses the legitimate needs and aspirations of the peoples of Palestine and Israel, and that provides security and justice for both populations in accordance with international law, allowing both Jews and Arabs to express their right to self-determination. Throughout the nearly half-century of conflict, a two-state solution has emerged as the most accepted model in both Israel and Palestine, and one that seemingly provides the most realistic means of resolution within these broad frameworks. Ultimately, of course, a solution must be reached between Palestinians and Israelis themselves, through negotiation and with the support of the majority of both societies.

Do diaspora communities have a role to play in ending the conflict?

Yes. We believe that the most important actors are Palestinians and Israelis themselves, however diaspora communities play a critical role in this conflict. Our aim is to encourage people who care deeply about those in the region to play a constructive and positive role, helping to provide the support and reassurance that only those with such a deep connection to the region can effectively convey. This is both a heavy responsibility and a unique opportunity – which is why OneVoice works to provide opportunities for individuals, communities and philanthropic entities to make a real and lasting impact, aligning themselves with the movements and groups in both Israel and Palestine who best reflect their values, and share their desire for a peaceful resolution to the conflict.

Who funds OneVoice?

Individuals and foundations based in Israel, Palestine, and internationally. In furtherance of its mission, OneVoice conducts and supports charitable, educational, and advocacy-based projects and activities. The Movement is supported by PeaceWorks Foundation, a Section 501(c)(3) charitable organization, PeaceWorks Action, Inc., a Section 501(c)(4) social welfare organization, and other individuals, charitable institutions, and advocacy organizations across the globe. A financial review is available in our annual reports.

Does OneVoice partner with other organizations?

In addition to our regional partners in Israel and Palestine, OneVoice is a proud member of the Alliance for Middle East Peace (ALLMEP). We also work with a large and every-changing network of like-minded organizations both in the Middle East and internationally. For more information, feel free to reach out

How can we move forward with the belief in moderates when violence and extremism persists on both sides?

For Israelis and Palestinians, this is a conflict that distorts their daily lives, and a solution will shape not only their own, but also those of future generations. It is a conflict in which violence has entrenched itself into both societies in the decades since. However, this conflict is also soluble, and as leaders from Mandela to Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. have so effectively demonstrated, non-violence is a far more powerful tool to bring about lasting change, and to bring genuine peace to a society.

Polls continue to show majority support for a negotiated solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and our Palestinian and Israeli partners have mobilized into the largest movements of their kind. Activists are on the ground every day in Palestine and Israel, and their brave and tireless work is fueled by the hope they find among the people. Extremism may be loud, and it may attract undue attention, but such violence is not a sign of strength; it is the death throes of ideologies that have lost widespread support, and that must lash out in reactionary attempts to thwart the progress of moderates.

What has OneVoice achieved since its establishment?

Since our founding in 2002, OneVoice has helped young people around the world to realize that by taking an active role in grassroots activism, they have the power to shape the course of the future for Israel and Palestine. Since its inception, OneVoice has helped train over 30,000 Palestinians and Israelis via its award-winning youth leadership program, held thousands of public events engaging hundreds of thousands of citizens, and signed up over 750,000 people to its mandate for peace.

After more than a decade’s work in the region—training youth leaders, carrying out campaigns, and developing networks—in 2016 we realized our long-term strategic goal of supporting two authentic, locally-led organizations: one in Palestine, and one in Israel. In Israel, Darkenu emerged as the largest movement of moderate voters in the country’s history, with an impact on domestic debate reflected by its many headlines. In Palestine, Zimam works to spread tolerance and push back on extremism is a truly unprecedented capacity. Internationally, OneVoice works to raise resources and visibility for the critical work of our regional partners, as well running our own highly effective programming reducing hate, polarization and racism, and providing high school and college students with the education and tools to contribute meaningfully within their own communities.

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