Zimam (“reins” or “taking the initiative” in Arabic) is a pioneering grassroots youth movement that challenges the status quo. Taking a domestic approach to conflict resolution, we work with the leaders of tomorrow to build a more democratic, actively engaged and pluralistic society.

Zimam believes that the key to social and economic prosperity on the one hand and ending the occupation on the other is one and the same: accountable leadership and a responsible society. Inspired and driven by values of democracy, pluralism, non-violence and responsibility, Zimam is building the foundations for a peaceful future. A future where Palestinians live in a sovereign and prosperous Palestinian state free from occupation.

Zimam works across nine governorates in the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem. Their programs empower young people and transform public thinking, fostering respect for others, building peace and instilling democratic attitudes. Zimam does what they do because they believe that Palestinian communities deserve better and because they trust that Palestinians have the talent and capabilities to make real change.

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