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OneVoice Statement on Recent Violence

11 May 2021

The OneVoice Movement wholeheartedly condemns the latest round of violence in Israel-Palestine. As the situation worsens, we call on regional leaders to cast aside vicious rhetoric, to cease the use of excessive force, and to do all they can to avoid further escalation.

Like so many of these calamities, what’s unfolding was preventable. Unfortunately, the specter of unjust evictions in Sheikh Jarrah begot Israeli settler attacks on Palestinians, incendiary balloons and rockets from Gaza, Palestinian attacks on Jewish Israelis, and a disproportionate response from Israeli military and police. Now, hundreds are injured, Israelis and Palestinians alike are sheltering from aerial assaults, and civilians—including children—have lost their lives.

Today and always, we must fight back against extremism wherever we see it. Fringe voices are trying to capitalize on this moment to further inflame tensions. We cannot let that happen. 

Instead, we must champion the moderate majorities in each society. In the days and weeks ahead, OneVoice will do so by redoubling our efforts to amplify the voices of a diverse slate of activists through our podcast, social media channels, and beyond. These changemakers and peacebuilders are the ones we must listen to in this precarious time. And, ultimately, when the conditions exist to end this conflict, they will be the ones leading the way. 

Our thoughts are with those who are grieving. May the victims of today's violence rest in peace; may their loved ones find peace and comfort in their memories; and may we all remain committed to ending this conflict and needless suffering.

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