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OneVoice Statement on Proposed Israeli Plans of West Bank Annexation

28 May 2020

NEW YORK -- “From our founding in 2002, the OneVoice Movement has been driven by a vision of an independent and viable Palestinian state alongside a safe and secure Israel, where Palestinians and Israelis are able to each realize their national and individual aspirations, building a future based upon principles of security, justice, dignity and free of conflict. 

“That is why unilateral action like Israeli annexation of any part of the West Bank is so dangerous. Such a move would further limit already severe freedom of movement restrictions for Palestinians, create a hostile environment very likely leading to increased escalations of clashes and violent incidents, all while making the people of both countries less secure. 

“To be clear: an annexation agenda poses an irreversible threat to the prospects of a viable and independent Palestinian state on one hand and calls into question the ability to Israel to be a national home for the Jewish people and a democratic state for all its citizens on the other.

“All of these considerations are exactly why we have redoubled our efforts to raise awareness of the threats of annexation and mobilize opposition to it. This is our fight, and we will not stop working to help secure the right for self-determination, security and dignity for both Israelis and Palestinians.”

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