Iliana Eber

Colby College Campus Coordinator

What do you study at Colby? 

At Colby I study Government and Anthropology. 


How did you get interested in Israel-Palestine?

After visiting Israel during the summer of 2014, I became incredibly interested in Middle Eastern politics, particularly the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. I started integrating more research into my academics and realized how complex and multifaceted the issue is. This interest has only grown as I have learned more from various perspectives and conducted more in-depth research. 


What attracted you to OneVoice on Campus?

I love that OneVoice on Campus promotes diversity and a wide array of perspectives in all its efforts. You do not have to hold one specific opinion or another in order to be a part of this group, and the whole goal is to bring together people who may not otherwise have the opportunity to engage with one another. I love this, and I think there need to be more groups working to bridge the gap while also grounding themselves in meaningful activism. 


What are your hopes for the coming year, in terms of activities on your campus?

My hope is that Colby can start having larger discussions on the conflict and its complexities. I would love for our chapter to create a panel involving people of different faiths that can all talk about the conflict from their unique point of view. Additionally, there are a lot of incredible films on the conflict and Israel-Palestine that I think could lead to some very fruitful discussion and debate. There is also a lot of opportunity for more general understanding of the conflict and its role in contemporary politics, so it would be awesome to have an interdisciplinary discussion with professors and student leaders across campus! 

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