Eli Judge

University of Chicago Campus Coordinator


What do you study at the University of Chicago?

My major is Classical Studies. 


What drew you to OneVoice on Campus?

OneVoice is a group that specifically engages people from both sides of the conflict, allowing them to work together to solve this crisis. Not only that, but it works with people from all walks of life who want to see an end to violence and suffering, allowing for a wide variety of viewpoints, which ultimately helps to create the best coalition for this kind of work on campus. 


What has been your experience with OneVoice on Campus?

OneVoice on Campus has given me the opportunity to see the conflict from both sides, both Israeli and Palestinian. Before joining OneVoice, I had primarily been exposed to the conflict from the Jewish side, but a group like OneVoice allows both sides to work together to achieve the common goal of peace and two states for two people. 


Is there a specific challenge to this type of work on your campus?

My campus is very polarized when it comes to the conflict, with many groups taking a hardline stance that alienates them from everyone else, making working together to end the violence and achieve a two-state solution a near impossibility.


What are your hopes for this upcoming year, in terms of OneVoice on Campus?

I hope to use OneVoice as a group where students, who don’t necessarily feel like they can identify with either extreme side, can find a place to discuss and work to solve the conflict. 

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