Who We Are

We are a campus fellowship program, currently active across four regions in the United States (New England, the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Midwest), with the aim of mobilizing students into a grassroots movement capable of shifting the discourse surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on college campuses. We believe students can be the drivers of change if given the tools and resources needed to create communities of change.

Our Mission

To cultivate and train a team of engaged students throughout the country capable of harnessing the energy on campus to advocate for an end to the Israeli occupation and a peaceful resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the form of a two-state solution.  

What We Do

We are training fellows on U.S. campuses, empowering them with a toolkit of skills, knowledge and experience for them to create support for a two-state solution and a more tolerant and less polarized campus environment. We are pragmatic, pluralistic and action- and solutions-oriented and work with partners internationally to create the conditions for a negotiated, peaceful end to the conflict.


Where are we currently active?

As of the beginning of the 2017-18 academic year, we are active on 23 college campuses:

New England Region:

·  Brandeis University

·  Brown University

·  Harvard University

·  University of Massachussets Amherst

·  Yale University

Northeast Region:

·  Columbia University

·  City University of New York — John Jay

·  New York University

·  Princeton University

·  SUNY Binghamton

Mid-Atlantic Region:

·  American University

·  Catholic University

·  Howard University

·  George Mason University

·  George Washington University

·  Georgetown University

·  University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Midwest Region:

·  University of Chicago

·  DePaul University

·  University of Illinois in Chicago

·  Loyola University

·  Northeastern Illinois University

·  Northwestern University

·  North Park University

·  Roosevelt University


What makes us unique?

·  We are a pragmatic, pluralistic, and action and solutions-oriented organization that works with partners internationally as part of a comprehensive solution to create the conditions for a negotiated, peaceful end to the conflict;

·  We have a multi-oriented approach; and

·  We work with and across communities.

What is the time commitment for Fellows?

Fellows must commit to working an average of 6-8 hours of work per week (with flexibility during midterms and finals), including participating in occasional evening events or weekend trainings. 

Is this a paid position?

Yes! Fellows are provided a stipend in the amount of $1,000 per academic year ($500 per semester) on the condition of the fulfillment of expectations and duties as indicated by the OneVoice Movement. 

How can I apply?

You can apply right on our website. Just click here!

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