OneVoice on Campus is a college fellowship program active on 23 campuses across the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, New England, and Northeast regions. Our aim is to cultivate and train a team of engaged students throughout the country capable of harnessing the energy on campus to advocate for an end to the Israeli occupation and a peaceful resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the form of a two-state solution.

For Israelis and Palestinians, the status quo is untenable—in order for members of both societies to live lives of opportunity, prosperity, and security, a solution to the conflict must be found and implemented. This is a conflict with global implications and international factors, and as the United States plays a role in the perpetuation of the situation, it can also play a role in its resolution. A shift needs to take place in American society, and we believe that students can be drivers of that change if given the necessary tools and resources

OneVoice on Campus fellows receive in-depth training from staff, policy experts, and advocates working to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the region. With a toolkit of skills, knowledge, and experience, our fellows are empowered to mobilize around the cause of a two-state solution and create more productive campus environments.

If you’re interested in becoming a OneVoice on Campus fellow, keep an eye on this space. Applications for the 2017-2018 academic year are now open! If you have questions, please reach out to our Midwest Director, Ezz Masri, Mid-Atlantic Director, Obada Shtaya, or Northeast Director, Jesse Cerrotti.

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