Zimam (literally meaning “reins” or “taking the initiative” in Arabic) is a pioneering grassroots youth movement that challenges the status quo. Taking a domestic approach to conflict resolution, we invest in the leaders of tomorrow in order to build a more democratic, actively engaged and pluralistic society.

Zimam's mission it to equip tomorrow’s leaders with the confidence, knowledge and skills they need to build a democratic, prosperous and free Palestine, which it does by:

1. Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders: Zimam trains emerging leaders to become the effective and accountable leaders Palestine deserves;
2. Leading Social Change: Zimam carries out domestic campaigns to foster freedoms and civil liberties for a more just, democratic and innovative Palestinian society; and
3. Championing Creative Resistance: Zimam leads nonviolent initiatives to combat occupation policies and actions, providing Palestinians with ways to live for the Palestine they aspire for.

With 13 chapters, more than 400 active members and thousands of supporters, Zimam is one of the largest youth movements in Palestine, working across nine governorates in the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem. Their programs empower young people on the one hand and transform public thinking on the other. Zimam does what it does because its leaders believe that their communities deserve better, and because they know that the Palestinian people possess the talent and capabilities to usher in real change.

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