Zimam (literally meaning “reins,” but also “taking the initiative” in Arabic) serves as a platform where Palestinian youth can work to create the conditions for conflict resolution and social progress, and nonviolently resist the occupation and settlement expansion, providing a peaceful and effective path towards statehood.

With dozens of chapters across Palestine—in both the West Bank and Gaza—Zimam activists work to promote the values of democracy, freedom, justice, and moderation through sustained efforts that draw upon the most sophisticated international organizing methods, and provide opportunities and training so that young Palestinians can be genuine leaders within their communities. These localized activities which take place on a daily basis are supported by large, highly visible national campaigns, designed to strengthen support for Zimam’s core values:

Non-Violence: Zimam believes that violence will never result in the realization of Palestinians’ national aspirations. Through educational and social outreach programs, they work to instill respect for the power of non-violence, freedom, and justice among the various segments of Palestinian society. 

Anti-Extremism: As the plague of extremism continues to ravage the peoples of the Middle East from Syria and Libya to Afghanistan, Zimam remains firm in its rejection of such dangerous ideologies—from both practical and ethical grounds. Instead, Zimam understands that tolerance, moderation, and understating have the unique potential to bring about true and lasting change.

International Cooperation: Zimam aims to establish a network of individuals, institutions, movements and parties—particularly within the Arab world—that share their vision and values. In building a coalition of moderates supportive of Palestinian rights, a movement will be built allowing for an end to occupation and the conflict once and for all. 

Democracy: For Zimam, their ultimate vision is a democratic Palestinian state where all are respected and treated equally, regardless of politics, language, religion, gender and color. Ultimately, Zimam envisions a culture of broad civic participation in national and local Palestinian politics.

National Unity and Pluralism: While external forces have served to deny the Palestinian people their right to self-determination for decades, internal divisions have undeniably played a factor in prolonging the situation. Zimam understands that Palestinians must be united in order to overcome the obstacles that remain, and that such unity does not demand conformity—acceptance of difference and the embrace of pluralism must be a part of Palestine from the state’s foundation.  

Zimam’s Vision for Palestine:

•   A two-state solution that results in the establishment of an independent, democratic, liberal, secular, and sovereign state of Palestine along the pre-1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital; 

•   The resolution of all outstanding claims and grievances; and 

•   A tolerant and open society, free from discrimination and extremism.

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