In recent years, Israel has experienced greater political fracturing and polarization, with the civil discourse coarsening, and the constituency championing an end to conflict and a more tolerant vision of Israel shrinking. The collapse in the diplomatic process, the violence of the Second Intifada and the volatility in the Greater Middle East have all been factors in this process, and yet a majority of Israelis want to place the country on a very different path: one of peace, co-existence and social progress. 

Darkenu (literally meaning “our way” or “through us” in Hebrew) is the movement for and of those very same Israelis, and is the largest organization of its kind in Israel. With nearly 200,000 registered supporters, chapters across Israel and thousands of volunteers drawn from every element of Israeli society, Darkenu is redefining, building and mobilizing a massive and dynamic civil society movement that promotes these following core values:

Hope: The people in Israel are tired and hopeless after having been told for years that the threat of terror will persist and that they must accept this situation and “live by the sword forever.” Darkenu believes that a better future is possible, and that it is everyone’s responsibility to build it.

Strength: The future of the Jewish people can only be secure if Israel is strong. This means investing not just in defense, but also in a pluralistic and rich civil society that provides economic opportunity. Only a strong, confident and moral country can take the brave and necessary steps to thrive in generations to come.

Security: For Israel, security is not just about more tanks and planes; it’s about making the people of Israel feel safe. Leaders must make decisions based on legitimate security needs rather than political interests or extremist ideologies. 

Responsibility: Darkenu recognizes that courageous leaders can lead a people to a better future, but everyday Israelis must take the fate of their country into their own hands. If control can be taken back from the extremists, then the people of Israel can begin to repair the damage of recent years and remake the country. Darkenu encourages Israelis to be the brave men and women they have been waiting for.

Partnership: Despite what some leaders try to suggest, Darkenu believes that there is much more that unites Israeli than divides, and that a broad coalition exists—left and right, religious and secular, Arab and Jewish—that can take Israel forward. Certain politicians stoke the flames of difference in order to retain power. By reaching out to all corners of society, Darkenu empowers Israelis to work together, to overcome the country’s greatest challenges, both internal and external.

Darkenu’s Vision for Israel:

•   A two-state solution that guarantees Israel’s security and ends all claims;

•   The fulfilment of Israel’s founding fathers’ and mothers’ dream—Israel as the nation state of the Jewish people and a democratic state for all of its citizens;

•   Social justice and civil solidarity; and 

•   The eradication of all forms of racism, violence, extremism and discrimination.

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