Youth Leadership Program

The Youth Leadership Program (YLP), created in 2005, provides participants with the tools they need to engage in non-violent activism to resolve the conflict and end the occupation. The YLP is a four-level initiative that delivers customized curriculum on conflict resolution, public speaking, political knowledge, and leadership development to promising young Israeli and Palestinian women and men ages 18-35. Programming is comprised of workshops held at each of the four main training levels: Introductory, Basic, Advanced, and Senior Advanced, with a final joint training program between top OneVoice Israel and OneVoice Palestine youth leaders.

The Youth Leadership Program in Israel aims is to recruit, train, and mobilize activists to work within their own communities to promote the two-state solution and to give a voice and a platform to the centrist mainstream. Our Youth Movement operates nationwide, with four regional officers (South, North, Center, and Jerusalem) overseeing the chapters in their area. The role of the regional officer is to develop a network of autonomous chapters in his/her region.

We hold five training seminars every academic year—two weekend seminars and three, one-day training. Each seminar focuses on the development of specific skills or knowledge, such as the psychological aspects and the sources of the conflict; how to negotiate, build partnerships, and use social media; and civil lobbying and advocacy methods.

In addition to spearheading our national campaigns, each chapter hosts two campus-wide activities every academic year for general members and supporters to recruit new students and conduct field activities to spread OneVoice’s vision.

OVI is currently active in:

  • Ben Gurion University (Beersheva)
  • Sapir College (Sderot)
  • Hebrew University (Jerusalem) Mount Scopus Campus
  • Hebrew University (Jerusalem) Hadasa Ein Carem
  • Tel Aviv University
  • Seminar Hakibutzim College
  • Bar Ilan University (Ramat Gan)
  • IDC (Hertziliya)
  • Haifa University
  • Tel Hai College

​The Youth Leadership Program in Palestine aims is to recruit, train, and mobilize activists to work within their own communities, refugee camps, villages, and campuses to promote the two-state solution and to give a voice and a platform for non-violent activism.

Our Youth Movement operates throughout the West Bank with regional offices in Jenin, Nablus, Bethlehem, and Jericho. The Gaza City office closed in 2014. Each regional office is responsible for organizing and conducting the Introductory, basic, and advanced training in affiliated cities.

YLP chapters conduct two introductory sessions and one course each on basic and advanced leadership each month. Leadership training courses focus on the history of the conflict and OneVoice, as well as the development of skills essential for working within a team and on grassroots initiatives. Advanced leadership courses are organized by senior youth leaders and professional trainers on a monthly basis and focus on managing socio-political and community initiatives, building partnerships, public relations and communications, organizational structure, discipline, and debating techniques.

All youth leader groups run one advocacy initiative per month and participate in broader OneVoice campaigns.

OVP is currently active in:

  • Ramallah
  • Jenin*
  • Tulkarem
  • Tubas
  • Nablus*
  • Qalqilya
  • Salfit
  • Bethlehem*
  • Hebron
  • Jericho*
  • Jerusalem

*Regional office

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