Shekel Campaign

When the Israeli government announced 1,400 tenders for settlement units just days after U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry left the region in January 2014, OneVoice Israel not only condemned the move but launched an innovative campaign to urge Finance Minister Yair Lapid to back up his rhetorical support for peace with real action—ending financial transfers to the settlements and sending the money instead to deprived communities inside Israel. OneVoice Israel activists throughout Israel distributed 10,000 shekel notes with Lapid’s face, and called on him to stop financial transfers for settlement construction. This grassroots outreach was paired with an aggressive social media campaign, juxtaposing Lapid’s recent public comments in support of negotiations with a call to back those pledges with action.

January 14: OneVoice Israel demonstrated outside Lapid’s house, hung banners with the slogan “Yair, don’t run away from supporting the negotiations,” and distributed the first round of shekel notes.

January 18: OneVoice Israel youth leaders joined with hundreds of activists from other pro-peace organizations to demonstrate in traffic circles throughout Israel and distributed the shekel notes.

January 19: OneVoice activists in Jerusalem hung banners on the main road leading from the entrance of the city to the Knesset, and welcomed the ministers on the way to Sunday morning's cabinet meeting with the call for Lapid to uphold his commitment to support the negotiations.

January 22: Israel’s Galei Tzahal (Army Radio) reported that Finance Minister Yair Lapid pledged that he will not transfer any more money for new settlement construction--a direct result of the campaign. On the political front, MKs Shafir, Rozin, Horowitz, and Zandberg raised the issue with Lapid in the Knesset. Our high-impact social media campaign garnered the most “shared,” “viewed,” and “liked” posts generated by OVI’s Facebook page in the past year: 1,600 new likes, 174 shares, and over 117,000 people exposed to the campaign.

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