Peace, It Also Pays Off

OVI's “Peace, It Also Pays Off” campaign mobilizes everyday Israelis to propel their leaders toward the two-state solution by reminding them of what is at stake and of the choice Israel faces between continued conflict or a more secure and prosperous future.

The campaign, which began in April 2014, matches aggressive social media outreach with innovative billboard and bus stop ads throughout central Israel. “Peace, It Also Pays Off” asks Israelis to consider how they would rather spend 32 billion shekels—the amount the conflict costs Israel each year at the expense of social and economic programs.

In addition to the wider media campaign, OVI launched their first “Peace Pays Off at the Bar” - an expansion of "Peace, It Also Pays Off!" -at Tel Aviv’s The Little Prince on October 6. Over 70 young professionals packed bar to hear Col. (Ret.) Miri Eisin, a former Israeli communications officer, speak to the UN General Assembly speeches by Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, Israeli relations with the Palestinians, and the media’s portrayal of the conflict. Each “Peace Pays Off at the Bar” event will feature an expert speaker to kick off the conversation.

Based on data and analysis from some of the most respected research institutions in Israel, including Netanya College, the Molad Center, and the Adva Center, “Peace, It Also Pays Off” highlights the positive impact an agreement with the Palestinians will have on the daily economic issues Israelis care about most—from affordable housing to food prices, from the job market to healthcare. “Peace, It Also Pays Off” challenges those Israelis who are frustrated with the stagnation in social and economic justice to make their voices heard, pressing for an agreement that ends the conflict and promotes a more prosperous future for their country.

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